Go digital in 2021 and maximize your efficiency

Industry 4.0 solutions are the key factor for more efficiency, more productivity and future growth

The onset of digital technology has been transforming our lives, both at home and in the workplace. Now we can measure and manage pretty much all aspects of our lives by analyzing data and then acting on the information it provides. This digital transformation has now arrived on the scene in nonwovens production, and Metris Digital Solutions by ANDRITZ are making a real difference by improving production line performance.

Data makes the difference of being good or being state-of-the-art

So you are happy that your nonwovens equipment is running smoothly and providing a quality product, your customers are satisfied, and all is going as well as expected in your production plant. But now is not the time to sit back and relax. In fact, now is the perfect time to explore what a difference gathering and managing data could make in improving the performance of your nonwovens lines.

Gathering data – the easy part

Metris can collect data right across the entire line or in particular processes where the customer wants specific information to help manage the line better. The technology can be installed on all nonwovens equipment, whether brand new or already in operation, or from suppliers other than ANDRITZ. And remember, the data recorded is the property of the customer. ANDRITZ guarantees that this data is secure, complying with the highest safety standards.

Metris can be implemented across the entire production line to enable a number of key operations:

•             Production monitoring

•             Control of stability for consistent quality

•             Cost optimization leading to major savings in use of raw materials and energy

•             Predictive maintenance

Production monitoring via Metris allows the customer to identify the sweet spots in the production line, where there are wins and – most importantly – where there are losses in production performance, as well as data on use of raw material and energy.

By using sensors installed in the line, Metris gathers and then synchronizes  the data, which is then accessible through a series of apps containing simple but relevant data displayed in an easy-to-read format. There are no complicated Excel sheets to have to wade through looking for information. The customer can analyze the data easily and then identify the areas of the line that are performing well and those that are not.

Foreseeing digitally for predictive maintenance

Another key area Metris can focus on is that of “seeing into the future” for the vital area of predictive maintenance. Again, using sensors installed around the line, machine parts and ancillaries are monitored for anything that might be going wrong, for instance a bearing or motor heating up.

Holo lens for Metris RAS as an extended arm for on-site support


The predictive maintenance element of Metris is much like an insurance policy for your nonwovens line. It will tell you when a bearing is heating up or showing critical wear, or about any other abnormal running conditions before there is an unscheduled shutdown of the complete line.

Sapro in a box: Metris, our fortune teller

Sapro is a fast-growing nonwovens producer located just outside Istanbul, Turkey. As one of the world’s largest producers of wet wipes, cost leadership is high on its list of priorities. In early 2019, the company installed a full suite of Metris Digital Solutions at a recently commissioned spunlace line. The package consisted of sensors linked to the Metris platform for measuring and managing a vast array of process operations, from pumps and motors to P&ID loops. The system was designed so that operators could clearly see the line’s exact, real-time use of raw material, energy, and water and also monitor maintenance issues, for instance a pump that is overheating or a bearing that needs replacing.

“Before Metris was installed, we didn’t really know how long a change from one product to another ... ”

Volkan Yavuz, Factory Manager, SAPRO

Volkan Yavuz, Factory Manager for the spunlace plant, says, “This is a very busy spunlace line. We sometimes have up to 10 or 11 product changes in a day. Before Metris was installed, we didn’t really know how long a change from one product to another was taking us, but we could soon see that it was around 15 minutes. By using Metris and analyzing data from the line, we could see areas that were slowing down the change times, and after concentrating on these areas for a while, we have now got the changes down to around five minutes. This is a real saving.”

Foresee what comes next – with Metris

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“This really is the future for improving efficiency at our plant. ”

Ceyhun Zincirkiran, Managing Director, SAPRO

The Metris Digital Solution at Sapro is also a viable and real solution for predictive maintenance using a series of warning lights and alarms. “Before Metris, each area of operation in the spunlace line was down to the expert knowledge of the operator,” continues Yavuz. “Now, with the traffic light system of red, amber and green, we can tell straight away from the monitor display how each part of the process is performing and whether we need to carry out any maintenance. If everything is green, we are happy. If it’s amber, we act. The plan is never to get to the red. Metris helps us with that.”

Managing Director of Sapro, Ceyhun Zincirkiran, sums up the implementation of Metris Digital Solutions in the spunlace line: “This really is the future for improving efficiency at our plant. Even an expert on the line can’t tell the line’s fortune, but Metris is our fortune-teller. We can see exactly what we are looking at – trends in the line, figures, graphs and tables – all in real time, and then we can act on them.”