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Ro-Tec Dolphin rotors combine screening and energy efficiency

The Ro-Tec Dolphin rotor’s unique foil shape enhances cleaning efficiency and significantly reduces energy consumption in screens.

Systematic R&D work led to the development of the Ro-Tec Dolphin rotor’s unique foil shape, which is hydro-dynamically optimized and proven in operation.

Low energy consumption

Ro-Tec Dolphin rotors can be operated at lower speeds, which conserves energy, while achieving better screening efficiency. The lower rotor tip speed decreases power consumption by up to 60% compared to conventional rotors.

Reduced cost of ownership

Ro-Tec Dolphin rotors have extremely good wear resistance. The smooth operation within the screen minimally affects the basket’s profile bars. Because of this, smaller slot widths may be employed without the fear of plugging. A greater open area of the screen basket increases throughput. Or as an alternative, a rise in stock consistency could be accomplished. ANDRITZ Fiedler process experts determine the optimum equipment.

Cleaner pulp

The demand for high-quality pulp and paper products is strong. At the same time, efficiency and cost control are essential to remain competitive in global markets. The screening process is largely responsible for removing shives and visible debris from paper products. Contaminants and visible particles remaining in the suspension strongly affect downstream processes and reduce the product quality.

Ro-Tec Dolphin benefits

  • Up to 60% lower energy consumption
  • Better product quality
  • Advanced operation reliability
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Payback within first year
  • Process-optimized foil shapes
  • Multi-foil design for better pulp fluidization
  • Less reject thickening

Ro-Tec Dolphin benefits

For the pulp production

  • Higher production capacity
  • Higher accept consistency

For the paper production

  • Longer asset life
  • Higher screening efficiency

Ro-Tec Dolphin rotors are available as:

  • Ro-Tec Dolphin HC for recycled fiber fine screening and fractionating
  • Ro-Tec Dolphin LR for virgin fiber (mechanical and chemical pulps) and thick stock screening (paper machine approach)
  • Ro-Tec Dolphin LRs/LRsb for recycled fiber coarse screening
Ro-Tec Dolphin rotors

ANDRITZ Ro-Tec Dolphin rotor

Ro-Tec Dolphin – pressure distribution

Illustration showing how the pressure is arranged on the basket foils

Ro-Tec Dolphin product range

Ro-Tec Dolphin product range


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ANDRITZ Ro-Tec Dolphin rotor

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