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Innovative biaxially oriented film stretching technology

Flexible film stretching production lines

Biaxially oriented film stretching lines

ANDRITZ Biax specializes in the design, manufacture, installation, and servicing of plants for the production of biaxially oriented films. Plants can be supplied for two-step sequential stretching, or one-step simultaneous stretching. The technologies can be configured to produce several different functional layers of film to give specific properties. We offer complete biaxially oriented film production systems – from raw material storage to post processing equipment.

Whether it is BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, BOPS, or other material, ANDRITZ Biax technology produces hundreds of film types - from food packaging films to technical film applications. The technology is highly efficient and is ideal for high-volume commodity products or highly specialized niche film production. ANDRITZ Biax offers the right solution for today’s biaxially oriented film producers.

Proven technology – satisfied customers

It was March 2010 when ANDRITZ acquired certain assets, key personnel, and all patents and technologies from the former DMT Group (one of the world's leading producers of biaxially oriented film production technology) and formed ANDRITZ Biax. Initially, ANDRITZ Biax was awarded several contracts for the completion of projects of the DMT Group, and completed them to each customer’s satisfaction. Today, the company has regained the trust of global producers and is actively installing new lines.

Backed by expert project management and service

ANDRITZ Biax does not only offer a wide range of technologies for biaxially or monoaxially oriented films, but also has the capability to deliver turnkey plants, including downstream equipment for roll handling, slitting, metallizing, packing and storage.

Additional services, such as pre-feasibility studies, financing support, installation and start-up, training, and technical support after start-up, are also part of the total package.

ANDRITZ Biax operates from three locations to support its worldwide customers:

  • Le Bourget, France
  • Foshan, China


ANDRITZ Biax, France

Phone: +33 (4) 7926 8560

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