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Efficient coarse screening with Bar-Tec W rejector screen basket

Higher capacity available for all screen types

Efficient coarse screening has a very positive effect on downstream processes. For years, coarse screens were equipped with drilled baskets which had high profile heights and/or turbulence bars to maximize rejection of large impurities. The problem with drilled baskets in many cases was that the raw material was not uniform. Large quantities of stickies, particles, and impurities were accepted and fed forward since the hole sizes in the basket were much larger than the impurities. If smaller holes were used, excessive wear, reject rates, and plugging could occur.

The Bar-Tec W rejector screen basket is an alternative to drilled baskets in coarse screening and achieves optimal impurity reduction in primary screening. This takes the load off of the following screening stages and provides higher efficiency throughout the entire screening line. The special profile wire developed by ANDRITZ Fiedler and the diagonal slot geometry generate directed flows which result in higher reject removal.

Bar-Tec W rejector benefits

  • Higher capacity
  • Lower energy consumption
  • New profile geometry
  • Reverse flow
  • Improved efficiency
  • Available for all screen types

Bar-Tec W rejector features

  • For DIP and OCC applications
  • Slot width 0.30 mm or larger
  • Turbulence bars depending on application
  • Different chrome thicknesses available
  • High mechanical strength
Bar-Tec W rejector basket and dolphin

Bar-Tec W rejector basket combined with a Ro-Tec dolphin rotor


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