BOPP films - packaging film
BOPP films - packaging filmBOPP films - technical film

ANDRITZ Biax line for production of BOPP films

BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) has become a high-growth film material due to its extreme versatility.

BOPP films are extremely versatile and used in a wide range of applications:

  • Plain films
  • Heat sealable films
  • Multi-layer films
  • Metallized films
  • Pearlized films
  • Synthetic paper
  • White opaque films
  • Label films
  • Shrink films
  • High barrier films
  • Capacitor films

Characteristics and applications

With a number of desirable qualities (transparency, stiffness, shrinkage, sealability, barrier and twist retention, printability, chemical and abrasion resistance, coatability, metalizing and lamination ability, etc.) hundreds of variants of BOPP films can be found in the market.

Packaging BOPP film

BOPP has become the most popular type of packaging film for food items, labels, non-food items, and general packaging.

Technical BOPP film

BOPP is also widely used in technical applications like capacitors, adhesive and decorating tapes, cable wrapping, insulation, and so on.

Laminated BOPP film

Laminated BOPP products are used for paper printed materials, labels, stickers, posters, maps, tags, and cards.

Metalized BOPP film

Metallization offers protection against UV rays and an excellent barrier against moisture and oxygen for snacks, coffee, or potato chips.

High barrier BOPP film

High barrier films for highly perishable food items are produced in connection with other materials such as EVOH or PA in seven- or nine-layer configurations.

Whatever the application, ANDRITZ Biax supplies tailor-made BOPP lines to meet each customer's specific requirements – whether it is high-output commodity production or a line for special applications.

ANDRITZ Biax BOPP film production

Conventional high output lines with capacities of up to 42,000 t/a, width up to 10,000 mm, speeds up to 500 m/min, and thickness ranges from 10-80 µ.

Lines for capacitor films with capacities up to 5,000 t/a, widths up to 6,000 mm, speeds up to 300 m/min, and thickness ranges from 3 to12 µ.

Multi-layer lines for high barrier films with up to nine layers.

Main features

  • Tailored raw material systems and optimized twin- or single-screw extrusion systems with inline edge trim recycling.
  • Energy-reducing vapor-heated melt pipes provide optimum temperature uniformity.
  • Casting is accomplished with a fast changeover feed block die system or multi-layer die. A backlash-free chill roll drive is combined with a high-level extended water bath.
  • Individually driven and vapor-heated MDO rolls ensure precise heat treatment of the film, even when sensitive materials are processed. The MDO is designed for multi-gap stretching and easy access for cleaning and maintenance.
  • The TDO features a high-speed, fully flexible monorail chain track system with driven inlet and outlet sprockets. It is combined with an advanced oven with heat recovery.
  • The pull roll stand has direct-driven rolls and includes a high-precision X-ray film measurement system with fast mapping of die bolts. Edge trimming and corona treatment are included.
  • The winder maintains a constant angle and is automatically controlled to ensure production of wrinkle-free jumbo rolls.
  • An advanced control system, fully redundant and reliable, is included. Profibus DP intercommunication and Ethernet allow user-friendly and easy operation.

ANDRITZ Biax also offers a wide range of downstream equipment, such as mill roll handling and storage, primary and secondary slitting, and recycling solutions for BOPP plants.

If desired, a complete turnkey solution for BOPP film production can be provided.

ANDRITZ Biax lines: BOPP, synthetic paper, and capacitor film

BOPP line Capacitor film line
Thickness range µm 10-80 (synthetic paper up to 180) 3-12
Line width up to mm 10,000 6,000
Line speed up to m/min 500 300
Output capacity up to tons/year 42,000 5,000


BOPP film characteristics

Advantages Features
World's #1 for quality packaging Low density
Wide range of applications Environmentally friendly
Highly versatile Good barrier properties
Excellent processing qualities Excellent mechanical and optical characteristics
Highly recyclable  
Food safe  


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BOPP - Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene
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