Special films - Shrink film
Special films - Shrink filmSpecial films - Shrink film

Innovative stretching technology for special films

Monoaxially oriented film lines for shrink applications

Shrink film is mainly used for heat-shrinkable labels made from three major materials:

  • PET-G Polyethylene Terephthalate modified with Glycol
  • PVC Poly Vinyl Chloride
  • PS Polystyrene

Characteristics and applications of shrink film

Shrink labels serve as the primary product presentation for many shaped containers made from glass, plastic, or metal. They are often used as platforms for single or multiple pack marketing promotion or as visual tamper-evident protection (tamper seal).

PET-G labels have the highest shrink ratios up to 80%, which occur at lower temperatures than in PVC and OPS. PET-G is very suitable for labeling containers with complex geometries. PET-G heat shrink sleeves are more expensive than PVC shrink labels. There are minimal environmental concerns (optimum combination with PET bottles for recycling).

PVC is most widely used due to its lower cost. It has a broad range of shrink ratios and a wide window of shrink temperatures. However, PVC labels are difficult to separate from PET bottles during recycling. There are environmental concerns about PVC in some areas.

PS offers shrinkage ratios of up to 80%, has exceptional clarity and gloss, and is less expensive than PET-G. PS is suitable for labels on squeezable bottles and offers relatively low vertical shrinkage. PS has favorable environmental properties.

Other materials, like PP, COC, SBC, or PLA, only have a small share in the global shrink film market as their shrinkage properties or economic aspects limit broader application.

ANDRITZ Biax monoaxially oriented shrink film lines

For the production of shrink films, ANDRITZ Biax offers tailor-made inline concepts for OPS and OPETG as well as offline concepts for OPVC, OPETG and OPS. Single material or combi-lines are possible.

Inline configurations consist of twin screw extruders for main and co-extrusion, melt pumps and filters, feed block and automatic die casting unit with chill roll or roll stack/calender, TDO, pull roll stand including thickness measuring and edge trim, and winder.

Offline configurations have the same basic layout as inline, but without the extrusion system. They start with a single or two station unwinder, followed by the TDO, the pull roll stand, and the winder.

ANDRITZ Biax monoaxially oriented shrink film lines

Thickness range:
Primary film
Final film



Line width up to mm 6,000 6,000
Line speed (mech.) up to m/min 100 200


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