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ANDRITZ Biax – Simultaneous film stretching with MESIMANDRITZ Biax – MESIM clips for simultaneous film stretching

MESIM technology – a patented simultaneous film stretching process for the production of biaxially oriented films with special properties

A one-step process for biaxially oriented film stretching to achieve excellent optical or shrink properties for high-quality plastic films

In sequential stretching, the film is stressed many times and also uses direct contact with rolls to be stretched in the machine direction. This can impair the optical quality of the film and limits certain physical properties of the final product.

For certain biaxially oriented film applications, especially high-quality films, there is a requirement to achieve 100% homogenous isotropic properties (orientation of the molecules). Other applications may require either very low or very high shrinkage rates, or low sealing temperatures, while mechanical or optical properties must be outstanding. Sequential stretching cannot achieve this.

MESIM combines machine direction (MD) and transverse direction (TD) stretching in one process. This creates a wide range of stretching and application opportunities. Due to the low supply speed of the cast film, smoother stretching can be achieved in the MD, resulting in better mechanical and optical properties. Also, new in-line coating applications are made possible.

With ANDRITZ Biax MESIM technology, film properties can be tailored to obtain superior optical properties, excellent shrink values, high tensile strength, and the optimum film surfaces for products.

Properties and applications

  • 100% homogeneous orientation of the film molecules for balanced films like adhesive tapes
  • Defined relaxation in MD and/or TD in high-shrinkage films for labels
  • High-shrink cigarette films, with excellent mechanical and optical properties
  • High tensile strength in MD or TD, or evenly balanced mechanical properties
  • Low-shrink films for lamination
  • Multilayer barrier films
  • Excellent optical properties for metallizing or touch screen films
  • Ultra-thin film for capacitors

These high quality films generate the highest profit margins for producers of oriented films.

MESIM design

MESIM utilizes a unique chain track/clip system. Clips are mounted on a mechanical pentagraph system that runs on two fully adjustable monorail tracks. Each monorail can be adjusted individually. The inner track controls the film width and TD stretching ratio, while the relative distance of the outer track vs. the inner track controls the MD stretch ratio, allowing a wide and highly flexible range of stretching ratios in machine and transverse direction.

The MESIM system has two stretching modes: MESIM mode (MD stretching ratios from 1:3.9 to 1:5.5 and Gauging mode (stretching ratios below 1:3.9). Stretching in transverse direction can be performed in a range between 1:1 and 1:10. Additionally, the flexible MESIM system allows defined shrink ratios in MD in a range from 1:1 to 1:0.7.

With four electronically linked but independent drives, it is even possible to achieve asymmetrical stretching patterns.

The MESIM oven contributes to the overall flexibility by permitting alterations to zone functions (e.g. stretching zones can be used as annealing zones, annealing zones can be used as cooling zones).

An independent PLC controls the MESIM and links it to line control. This allows retrofitting (or upgrading) of existing extrusion lines to MESIM technology.

ANDRITZ Biax – Simultaneous film stretching: MESIM

Simultaneous film stretching with MESIM technology from ANDRITZ Biax

MESIM advantages

  • Production of high-margin specialty films
  • MD and TD stretching ratios can be adjusted independently
  • More energy efficient than sequential lines of same width and output
  • Integrated system using proven technologies: rails, roller bearing clips, conventional ovens
  • No special operational and/or maintenance skills required
  • No special building design and/or additional utilities required
  • Can be retrofitted to existing sequential lines

In cooperation with our Japanese partner, Marubeni, ANDRITZ Biax can offer you a range of test possibilities on an MESIM line in operation.


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