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Pre-sales services

At ANDRITZ Biax, service begins before the sale

There is a multitude of business decisions to be made prior to ordering a biaxially oriented film production line, such as market and product feasibility, financing, technology choices, and so on. ANDRITZ Biax experts can provide analysis and counsel at the front end of a project.

ANDRITZ Biax services - market analysis

With more than 30 years of experience in the film market, ANDRITZ Biax has a unique vantage point to help support you with pertinent information about market size, trends, growth rates, or product mix to help you establish realistic forecasts for your business.

ANDRITZ Biax services - feasibility studies

ANDRITZ Biax specialists can help you prepare a study to support your investment plan that evaluates technological opportunities and analyzes all cost/benefit factors. This documentation can help drive internal decisions in the right direction as well as to achieve tailored financing.

ANDRITZ Biax services - financing support

ANDRITZ Biax has excellent connections with the Austrian export credit agency (OeKB), which provides individual financing solutions for projects all over the world. Our specialists will support you in obtaining the best financing for your project. They can assist in producing the documentation for potential financing partners in order to achieve a tailored financing solution so that you can concentrate on your main business.

ANDRITZ Biax services - technical consulting

ANDRITZ Biax´s engineering team supports you in planning and realizing your project. They offer consultation for the best technical solutions optimized to your needs.


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