ANDRITZ Biax – Heat recovery system

ANDRITZ Biax Heat Recovery System (HRS)

Easy to install and profit from the first day

The Heat Recovery System captures the thermal energy from process ventilation systems and industrial ovens that would normally be discharged from the building – and utilizes this energy to pre-heat incoming air for the process. This recovery and reuse of energy significantly saves on a plant’s overall costs.

Ideally, the HRS is installed in such a way that it can run in parallel with existing system. This way, during maintenance periods, the manufacturing process can continue with the existing system and without heat recovery.

ANDRITZ Biax – Heat recovery system

ANDRITZ Biax – Heat recovery system

Energy audit to save money

ANDRITZ Biax has specialists trained to perform energy audits for customers. The audit looks at the most well-known energy wasters in the process and makes recommendations to improve energy efficiency. Included in the audit is a financial analysis to determine the areas where economic payback is quickest.

Benefits of the ANDRITZ Biax HRS

  • Savings from the first day
  • Typically very short payback
  • Starter kits at a reduced rate
  • State funding or credits usually available

  • Integrated by-pass valves
  • Allows for maintenance during operation
  • Easy installation
  • Selective condensation in the HRS
  • Leak tightness
  • Fewer cold bridges in the oven
  • Less condensation in the oven

  • Compliance with environmental regulations
  • Certificate of sustainability
  • Optimized carbon footprint
  • Opportunities for green marketing


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