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U screen, U rebuild, U benefit – with Bar-Tec UTune

We are excited to present the next generation of screening technology and how it will benefit U

Replacing a worn screen basket has never been easier and quicker than with the flexible and configurable Bar-Tec UTune screen basket.

Bar-Tec UTune – advancing your screen room to the next level

ANDRITZ developed a new and advanced product design with many benefits like:

  • Lower basket costs due to potential replacement capability of the feed or reject sections independently
  • Dramatically simplified replacement which can be done quickly by mill maintenance on-site
  • Maximum strength caged design while maintaining the industry's tightest slot tolerances

UTune basket

Your time is valuable and your process is unique

That is why we took a different approach offering more flexibility in running and rebuilding your screens. We work together with U to create and fineTUNE a perfect basket for your application.

Try our UTune configurator

UTune benefits

Our dual basket concept allows for different slots, profiles, and widths in the feed and reject section.



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