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ANDRITZ UTwist - screen basket

For a plus in screening performance

Finding a balance between efficiency and runnability

The main goal of a screening process is an efficient debris (stickies, shives, etc.) removal. However, one has to consider other factors as well, such as capacity, reject rate, and runnability.

A further challenge is to operate with changing process conditions as we move from feed to the reject zone of the screen basket.

What is the role of the profile height?

The profile height is determined by adjusting the angle of screen bars to each other. Turbulences arising on the screening surface, affected by the profile height, have a crucial effect on the behavior of the fiber suspension.  A low profile height gives higher impurity reduction but lower capacity. It also leads to higher thickening, especially at the reject area of the screen basket, reducing runnability. A high profile creates more turbulences there while reducing thickening and minimizing plugging risk.

UTwist profile height

Introducing ANDRITZ UTwist

Lowest possible profile height at any position of the basket

ANDRITZ UTwist offers the solution for a perfect balance of efficiency and runnability.

UTwist offers a low profile when you want to concentrate on efficiency and a high profile when you have to avoid high thickening. Twisting the wires from top to bottom, without changing the slot width, provides an innovative solution to reach higher efficiency without jeopardizing runnability. The unique profile geometry enables tilting the wire without affecting the slot width. The bars can be twisted in any section of the basket. Profile height can thus be adjusted case by case, perfectly adapted for each process.

Screening efficiency

Benefits of ANDRITZ UTwist:

  • Realization of full screening potential
  • Improved quality through higher impurity reduction
  • Higher capacity
  • Longer lifetime through reduced thickening and increased wear surface
  • Tailor-made solutions



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