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Ultimate flexibility in nonwovens calendering

Whether your technology is spunlaid, drylaid, airlaid, or wetlaid, ANDRITZ Küsters provides the perfect nonwoven calender to suit your special needs and final product demands. Benefit from our unlimited portfolio and our broad know-how for thermobonding, embossing, perforation, compacting, and lamination.

With more than 600 nonwoven calenders in operation worldwide, installations in all high-end spunbond nonwovens lines, and more than 750 innovations with patents granted or pending, ANDRITZ Küsters stands for top performance, reliability, flexibility, and proven nonwoven calender technologies. Depending on your final product and its parameters, like strength, softness, or air permeability, our nonwoven calender portfolio ranges from low and medium capacities (aXcess range) to high capacities (eXcelle range), precisely designed to meet your needs.

Our product portofolio - at a glance

aXcess range (low- and medium capacities up to 12,000 t/a)

neXcal compact two-roll compact calender initial demand and lower speeds
neXcal twin aXcess three-roll compact calender top flexibility in medium-capacity

eXcelle range (high capacities 12,000-24,000 t/a)

neXcal two-roll calender high-capacity spunbond production
neXcal twin three-roll calender top flexibility in high-capacity
neXcal quadriga five-roll calender ultimate flexibility in high-capacity

Special applications

neXcal sizer two-roll calender incl. CS-Roll airlaid processes
neXcal embossing two-roll or three-roll calender embossing of spunlace nonwovens
neXcal laminating two-roll calender lamination of at least two layers
neXcal ultrasonic ultrasonic vibration calender Bonding and laminating with ultrasonic
vibrations as thermo-mechanical process

Core competences

Drawing on our S-Roll core competence, all rolls and key components are manufactured and mechanically tested at our facility in Krefeld, Germany. Roll technology efficiency is crucial to the success of the final product. All our neXcal nonwoven calenders are equipped with a deflection-controlled Hot S-Roll with a surface temperature up to 275° C.

Cooperation with the best roll engravers ensures consistent quality during the nonwovens product development stage plus the largest selection of patterns available. In addition, an own  technical center offers the possibility of comprehensive trials at laboratory scale as well as practical expert advice.

Thermobonding process

Nonwovens calendering

Nonwovens calendering

Hot S-Roll – the heart of our nonwovens calendering technology

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