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IDEAS Digital Twin

Improving your operation with Digital Twin Technology.

ANDRITZ provides a true Digital Twin solution for industries using IDEAS simulation software and its unique execution platform. A unique feature of IDEAS is its ability to combine continuous processes with discrete events (human characteristics and interventions). This enables IDEAS to simulate processes spanning the entire life cycle of a plant—from feasibility studies, engineering, construction and commissioning to operation and online optimization—and then combine each individual process model into a single, interconnected high-fidelity model.

IDEAS - Optimize the Performance of your Process


  • Create high fidelity steady-state and dynamic modeling
  • Analyzing pros and cons of various design scenarios, eliminating design mistakes, identifying bottlenecks
  • Providing virtual measurements where real-world measurements are impossible
  • Simulating future operations of a plant without the risk of shutdowns

Big Data Analytics vs Simulation

Success Stories


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