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Metris Digital Twin (powered by IDEAS)

Improving your operation with Digital Twin Technology.

ANDRITZ provides a true Digital Twin solution for industries using IDEAS simulation software and its unique execution platform. A unique feature of IDEAS is its ability to combine continuous processes with discrete events (human characteristics and interventions). This enables IDEAS to simulate processes spanning the entire life cycle of a plant—from feasibility studies, engineering, construction and commissioning to operation and online optimization—and then combine each individual process model into a single, interconnected high-fidelity model.

IDEAS - Optimize the Performance of your Process

What is a Digital Twin?

The Metris Digital Twin mirrors the physical process using real equipment characteristics such as physical dimensions and pump curve data.  It acts as performance information tool like an MRI of the human body and enhance visibility to operational teams for proactive decision-making.

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Real Time

The Metris Digital Twin shares data in real time with the operating plant. Inputs to the Digital Twin may be from field instruments, lab data, operator entry, and others, and at whatever frequency it’s available. The Digital Twin captures the current plant status, including disturbances in measured values, and sends its resulting data back to the plant through the control system – all in real time.



The Digital Twin performs input data processing and reconciliation, then performs online calculations: steady-state mass and energy balances and/or dynamic calculations. The results yield extensive information about the current state of the plant, including KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), all process stream information, and virtual transmitters. And the Digital Twin produces What-If calculation results and predicts future plant status.



The Metris Digital Twin for your plant is analogous to an MRI for the human body – and similarly provides key data for accurate diagnosis.  The calculations are based on first-principles and accepted industry standard equations and OEM knowledge. The embedded knowledge in the simulation allows the Digital Twin to operate with a minimum of input data and to yield data for smart strategy decisions



In addition to providing current status information, the Metris Digital Twin projects future plant status and provides proactive operational advice to plant staff for optimal operation. Such advice includes ideal setpoint values, and inventory management information. Advisory calculations maximize asset utilization and minimize cost. The Digital Twin displays its results and advice in a combination of easy-to-understand graphics, numbers, text and alarms, and may be embedded into the plant’s HMI or other data systems.

Benefits and Features

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Accurate prediction and fully integrated automation

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