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Metris UX All-in-One Platform

Added value with ANDRITZ Digital Solutions

The ANDRITZ digital technologies combined under the Metris technology brand reflect the very latest state of the art in the IIoT/Industry 4.0 sector and provide comprehensive support to customers. Metris products help customers achieve their production and corporate goals in terms of increasing the efficiency and profitability of plants, optimizing the use of resources, avoiding breaks in production, and achieving highest product quality.

The Metris UX digitalization platform provides full support for industrial plants throughout their entire life cycle. It combines a complete set of functionalities for professional production management, simulation and optimization using the latest artificial intelligence methods, plus cyber security and condition monitoring with smart sensors in an integrated approach.

For classic plant automation applications, Metris X, a “vendor-independent” distributed control system (DCS), is available and can be activated by adding two optional apps. This gives customers the freedom to select their preferred input/output module (I/Os) supplier independently, or – in brownfield renewable projects – the existing I/O modules can be reused by Metris X.

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