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  • Nonwoven
  • Nonwoven and textile products
  • Wetlaid
  • Patterning
  • Embossing

Hydro-patterning of wetlaid fabrics

Patters that stand out

ANDRITZ Nonwoven hydro-pattering is certainly no watered down solution. On the contrary, it offers markedly clear patterns of wetlaid nonwovens which symbolize your brand.

Thermo-embossed wipe

Thermo-embossed wipe

Whenever very precise and permanent embossing is required, especially when using fusible fibers, calender embossing is the preferred process for a lot of applications. ANDRITZ deflection-controlled calender systems are state-of-the-art in thermo-embossing and can be executed as a two-roll calender in vertical roll arrangement or, for ultimate production flexibility, as twin execution.

ANDRITZ experts can assist customers by testing and developing new patterns in the company’s technical centers.

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