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ACE (Advanced Control Expert)

The solution for full plant optimization

ACE is an automated “expert operator” that works in conjunction with the BrainWave solution, our patented PID-replacement controller, to fully optimize a process. The expert operator in ACE is always at full attention, never distracted, and achieves optimum conditions for the plant.


Control screens at a pulp mill in Chile


White Liquor Plant in Veracel Celulose S.A., Brazil

BrainWave makes sure a process gets to set point and stays there – that is where ACE comes in. Once BrainWave has stabilized a process, then ACE can be implemented to determine the best set points, so that the process can operate at maximum efficiency. Unlike the Black Box solutions offered by others, ACE communicates to the operators in their native language, advising them about changing strategies and goals, constraints, and operational issues.

We offer a full range of advanced control and optimization solutions, including:

  • Bleaching ACE
  • Brown Stock Washing ACE
  • Debarking ACE
  • Digester ACE
  • Evaporator ACE
  • Kiln ACE
  • O2 Delignification ACE
  • Pulp Dryer ACE
  • Recaust ACE
  • Recovery Boiler Combustion ACE
  • Screening ACE
  • Washing ACE
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