Brown stock washing ACE

Brown Stock Washing ACE (Advanced Control Expert)

The solution for optimizing the control of brown stock washing operations

ANDRITZ Brown Stock Washing ACE is a control optimization system powered by BrainWave that manages all aspects of washing, screening, and thickening. 


Washing line at a pulp mill in Chile

Brown stock washing lines are notoriously difficult to efficiently manage because human operators tend to choose operational targets that will ensure the up-time of the system. Unfortunately, these targets are rarely economical. The result is inconsistency, leading to higher than necessary operating costs, and ultimately limiting production capacity.

ACE addresses all of these issues. It calculates the optimal targets for soda loss or COD, as well as solids, based on the mill’s actual costs. It then works diligently to minimize costs by keeping all of the processes on target. ACE continuously monitors differential pressures across screens and thickeners and takes corrective action if they begin to plug. The operator is informed of the “event,” but by this point ACE has typically averted any potential mishap. ACE continuously controls conductivity and solids to the evaporation plant by adjusting the total dilution factor of the brown stock washing line. Filtrate balance is controlled on the basis of filtrate tank levels, ensuring that washer operation is consistent.

The new, greatly increased stability realized through ACE provides many benefits, including increased production stability and rates, improved wash line efficiency and bleach plant operation, fewer disturbances and shut-downs, and reduced operator workload and operating costs.

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