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Evaporator ACE (Advanced Control Expert)

The solution for optimizing evaporators

ANDRITZ Evaporator ACE is a control optimization system powered by BrainWave that stabilizes level and differential temperature in each of the effects and stabilizes the black liquor solids.

ACE starts by closing loops and stabilizing operations with the patented BrainWave controller. Then BrainWave develops response models of the solids, effect level, boiling points and other specified loops based on the control actions and system responses observed during normal operation of the evaporation plant. In developing these models, BrainWave takes account of the dead time, while also including measured disturbances like incoming steam pressure, inlet weak black liquor percent solids, and production rate.


Evaporator area at a pulp mil

When BrainWave has stabilized the process, ACE is then implemented as a supervisory layer to oversee evaporator plant production control. ACE manages all the targets and steam loading to ensure the most efficient evaporator operation and it puts the maximum steam load on the most efficient effects based on current operation. In addition, ACE monitors the evaporator fouling and washing and advises the human operator about what effects are not performing optimally.

Furthermore, ACE manages the tank level (inventory) targets for firing liquor, heavy black liquor, intermediate liquor, and the feed liquor. Finally, ACE also supervises the firing liquor dry solids control targets, heavy black liquor dry solids control targets, and the liquor to C1 dry solids control targets.

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