GapScan measuring system

The solution for providing real and accurate plate gap measurement to the refiner

GapScan is a unique measuring system that improves the entire refining process by providing constant control and adjustment of the gap between the rotor and stator disc. GapScan helps mills meet the market demands on both pulp quality and refiner control.


GapScan measuring system

The refining gap has a major impact on the pulp quality. Gap changes occur during operation due to chip feeding variation. The exact measurements provided by GapScan, and the quick data transfer, enable the DCS to adjust the gap precisely and guarantee smooth and stable operation to help mills achieve the best pulp quality.

Operation area and improvements

GapScan is placed directly in the refining zone. It measures the real refining gap during all phases of production and production preparation. This allows real-time, real data measurement that is independent of temperature and pressure, and enables fast and accurate control. The accurate measurements provided by GapScan and the quick data transfer enable accurate, precise gap control for smooth and stable operation guaranteeing best pulp quality.

In addition, automatic adjustment of the plate gap distance helps to stabilize pulp quality. Optimum gap adjustment leads to cost-efficient operation.

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