Metris Vibe

Integrative solution for Condition Monitoring

Metris Vibe, a new kind of vibration and temperature sensor, operates via a wireless connection to critical equipment that is otherwise very difficult to access or subject to safety issues. This vibration sensor can analyze the status of the respective equipment at a given time. It provides data via Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) to a gateway that sends the relevant information to the Condition Monitoring App of the Metris server.

Predictive maintenance

By providing meaningful information on the respective assets, the sensor can be used to increase productivity, efficiency, and reliability or even plan outages to better advantage for overall operations. Proper maintenance performed at the right time increases the lifetime of an asset and lowers the overall investment required.

Metris Vibe for condition monitoring video


Metris Vibe benefits

Metris Vibe App

The Metris Vibe App is now available for Google Play store and Apple App store.


Smart Sensors

Collecting detailed machine and plant data to optimize operations.

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Condition Monitoring

Monitoring the condition/status of machines and systems can predict damages and outages.

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Metris UX Platform

Added value with the newly developed Metris digital platform.

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