Solutions for mobile maintenance

The ANDRITZ AUTOMATION plant information (PI) system is designed to support maintenance work in industrial plants through mobile maintenance.

The plant information system is responsible for ensuring that machines, plants and equipment continue to function or, in the event of a fault, for minimizing the downtime. A key characteristic of the PI system is access by responsible maintenance staff to important plant data and parameters.

The PI system and mobile maintenance

All equipment in the plant is supplied with an RFID transponder, which carries a unique identification number (TAG number). Using a mobile receiver (MDE), this identification number is read and sent to a mobile data entry pad via Bluetooth connection. By means of the tag number, the relevant maintenance instructions and the data input screens are selected on the mobile panel. After typing in and checking all data, the data is stored on the mobile panel or transferred to the PI system via web. If the transmission via internet fails, the maintenance engineer can connect the mobile panel to the PI system server when back in the office.

Benefits of mobile maintenance

  • Paper is replaced by digital media
  • Document maintenance activities for components that are subject to regular servicing (compliance with legal equirements)
  • Reduction of potential errors by cutting media discontinuity
  • Reduced time and effort necessary for planning, inspection, and processing
  • Prompt process and analysis inspection results in a centralized system
  • Reduced time and effort needed to find mobile objects
  • Risk of mixing up objects is minimized
  • Storage of maintenance data on the object and reading of object status
  • Reduced downtime
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