Pulp dryer ACE

Pulp dryer ACE (Advanced Control Expert)

The solution for optimizing pulp dryers

Pulp dryer ACE is a control optimization solution powered by BrainWave that fully automates operation of the pulp dryer, stabilizing moisture content and basis weight.


Pulp dryers at a mill

ACE starts by closing loops and stabilizing operations with the patented BrainWave controller. BrainWave develops response models of the moisture and basis weight and of how they are affected by changes in moisture, broke flow, line speed, steam pressure, stock flow, and consistency based on the control actions and system responses observed during normal operation of the pulp dryer. BrainWave then precisely controls moisture content and grammature/basis weight, taking into account the dead time and interactive behavior between the controls.

ACE is then implemented to manage all aspects of production, including screening, approach flow, former and presses, and x-nip and pulp dryer operation to maximize production and minimize costs. ACE manages the screening limitation control to balance operation of the screening equipment, drying machine speed, and pulp tank inventory while assuring the basis weight and sheet moisture is on target. Additional benefits are realized through faster start-ups, automatic stable grade changes, and maximized production.

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