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Reducing the risk to people, plant, and investment

The ANDRITZ dynamic simulator, IDEAS, is one of the world's leading simulation tools, helping industrial facilities achieve start-ups that are faster, smoother, safer, and more economical.


A food processing facility in the USA

IDEAS is the simulator of choice for the kraft pulp mill industry, being used by most major pulp line to come on-line in the last decade. It is also the simulation standard for many mining companies. When it comes to the oil sands, ANDRITZ has worked with industry leaders to develop new simulation technologies to help revolutionize the industry in the Canadian North.

Whatever the industry, ANDRITZ has the simulation tools and expertise to make the operation ready.


A kraft pulp mill in Chile 

Steady-state simulation

IDEAS contains many industry-specific libraries that allow the modeling of a facility at a macro level. Its powerful steady-state capabilities enable the performance of steady-state mass and energy balances, the tracking of components, compounds, element flow and concentration, and the handling of particle size distributions.

Dynamic process modeling

During the process design phase of a project, IDEAS is a quick and powerful tool that enables users to dynamically model a complete project. It can be used to test and verify design concepts and process control logic – quickly, at low cost, and low risk.

Smooth start-up

IDEAS catches hundreds of errors in control logic before start-up, which means a plant achieves production on or ahead of schedule. We can model any vendor equipment and are able to communicate with every DCS supplier, so that operators will train on the same graphics and logic that they will use in the actual plant.


Smelter at a copper mine in Peru

On-site implementation

ANDRITZ personnel include experienced industry-specific project managers who understand the industry. They travel directly to the site to work with vendors and control suppliers during commissioning.

Risk-free training

IDEAS works much the same way as a flight simulator, providing operators with realistic, hands-on training modules. The IDEAS instructor module allows training to take place in complete safety, without risk to employees, the plant, or the environment.

Ongoing benefits

Since IDEAS is modular and scalable in design, many plants continue to use the simulator past start-up for a variety of applications, including process design and the training of newly hired employees.

Return on investment

The IDEAS simulator acts as a virtual plant that will help pinpoint plant production improvements and shorten projected start-up dates. In many cases, the IDEAS return on investment has been over 200%.

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