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Latest ANDRITZ SeaSOx news and projects

Due to the lower sulfur limits that will enter into force for shipping worldwide in 2020, more and more shipping companies are equipping their ships with exhaust gas scrubbers.

ANDRITZ has adapted its power plant-proven exhaust gas purification technology for the maritime sector and is now naming it ANDRITZ SeaSOx.

MED-G CERTIFICATION - Important milestone reached

With the MED-G certification from the DNVGL classification society, ANDRITZ has received its first confirmation of safety and environmental compliance for a scrubber installed on a maritime vessel. This certification is necessary in order to obtain a permit to continue operating the ship with high-sulfur fuel and using an SO2 removal unit. In this special case, it is also a world premiere because the MV Piana uses the innovative SeaSOxdry technology. No other ship globally has an installation using this kind of technology. SeaSOxdry not only removes SO2, but

also particulates, there is no plume produced at the stack outlet. In addition, no water is discharged. Hence, this certification marks an important milestone in bringing this promising technology forward and also gaining acceptance for it from other clients. The dry SO2 removal solution is a very attractive technology, especially for ferries operating in European waters.

ANDRITZ SeaSOxwet (Wet exhaust gas desulphurization system)

ANDRITZ Air Pollution Control to retrofit a wet SeaSOx scrubber on a 300 m long bulk carrier, operating between Chile and China. The agreement was signed in July 2018 to install a SeaSOxwet system having a square footprint with very low space requirements of 2.8 m side length for one main engine with 18.66 MW. The system was designed for removal of SO2 from 3.5 to 0.5%S and will be installed in September 2019.

PIANA Arrivée à MARSEILLE Dimanche 29 Avril 2018 (1)
ANDRITZ SeaSOxdry (Dry exhaust gas desulphurization system)

ANDRITZ and SOLVAY sign first agreement with La Méridionale to remove SOx with a dry scrubber.

ANDRITZ at SMM 2018, Hamburg, Germany

SAFETY4SEA Interview with Dr. Martin Koller, Product Manager, Air Pollution Control, ANDRITZ at SMM 2018, September 4-7, Hamburg, Germany.

Sulphur Cap 2019 - Conference, Awards & Exhibition, Amsterdam, Netherlands


SeaSOx wet technology

ANDRITZ SeaSOx wet - the wet desulphurization technology for exhaust gas cleaning on ships.

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SeaSOx dry technology

ANDRITZ SeaSOx dry- the dry desulphurization technology for exhaust gas cleaning on ships.

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Air pollution control technologies

Clean environment for a better tomorrow. ANDRITZ provides innovative air pollution control technologies, including wet flue gas cleaning, dry flue gas cleaning, DeNOx plants, and combined or multi-stage systems.

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