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Wetlaid line solutions for glassfiber

Benefit from the possibilities made out of glassfibers

Nonwoven end products based on glass fibers are a huge market and can be found almost everywhere – in ceiling tiles, cushion vinyl flooring, insulation, wall papers and surfaces, geotextiles, batteries and of course roofing materials as well as many other applications.

ANDRITZ provides you with concept and engineering know-how for a complete glass fiber line as a solution. Your production can take advantage from years of development
competence in the wetlaid sector and a very special expertise in the processing of glass fibers.

Up to 100,000 t/a

Capacity of production

500 m/min

Line speed

5.5. meters

Line width

Your benefits:

  • State-of-the-art technology for glass fiber-based production
  • Development technology: Made in Germany
  • Fully customized configurations
  • Rebuilds and upgrades for quality and capacity
  • From concept and engineering to start and service, our experts are close to you
  • Full lifecycle service and support
  • World wide service network and excellent after-sales consultance


  • Capacity: Up to 100,000 t/a
  • Line speed: Up to 500 m/min
  • Width: 1.5 to 5.5 meters
  • From concept and engineerin to realization and lifecyle long service, a sophisticated solution out of a single source

Complete wetlaid systems for glassfiber by ANDRITZ

Wetlaid nonwoven production for glassfiber composite is carried out in four steps in the neXline system:


Stock preparation

Fibers and water are mixed in the correct proportions.


The suspension is distributed homogeneously over the full forming width.


The web formed is bonded by water jets.

Drying, winding

The wetlaced fabric is dried and batched.

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