Chain of the Universal Cross-Flow Shredder QZ

Universal Cross-Flow Shredder QZ: Gently opening up of material composites

The Universal Cross-Flow Shredder QZ does completely without the use of knives and opens up the input material particularly gently and quickly using impact forces.

In comparison with conventional cutting systems the QZ offers significant advantages concerning the result and wear. The Universal Cross-Flow Shredder QZ is suitable for a number of different materials and composites. The machine concentrates on the disintegration of the input material, but avoids an undoing and damaging of the individual components. It is therefore possible to quickly access disintegrated valuable waste material, without potential harmful substances emanating from individual parts.

Operational principle

Flexible turning tools accelerate the input material to variably adjustable speeds and circles. Approx. 80% of the disintegration and the opening up are carried out by the impact of the accelerated materials with each other. The different physical properties of the materials as well as the individually adjustable holding time determine the form and size of the processed material.


  • Electrical/Electronic waste, household appliances, cooling units, white goods, brown goods
  • Printed circuit boards
  • LCD-monitors
  • Composites: metal/plastics, ferrous/non-ferrous metals, aluminum/plastics, wood/glass
  • Automobile parts e.g. motor blocks, catalytic converters, interior equipment
  • Tinplate/aluminum cans (UBC)
  • Metal scrap
  • Fiber-glass reinforced plastics
  • Metal separator fractions from MBA installations
  • Hazardous waste, e.g. paint containers, spray cans, batteries, toner cartridges
  • Production waste, e.g. aluminum turnings
  • Processing of renewable resources, bio wastes, packed food etc.

Refrigerator output fractions after treatment with the Universal Cross-Flow Shredder QZ

Benefits of the Universal Cross-Flow Shredder QZ

  • Single stage processing of input material
  • Large variety of possible input materials, also as material mix
  • Perfect breaking-up of composites at short operating times
  • Quick access to the reusable materials and more efficient sorting
  • The isolated composite elements remain intact and can be easily sorted
  • Up to 80% of the material is directly useable after being processed in the QZ and sorting
  • Insensitive against massive metal parts
  • Low wear of the acceleration tools in comparison with knives
  • Quick tool changing
  • Use of highly tempered special steel for walls and tools
  • Easy processing of explosive or harmful materials
  • Leakage prevention of possible contaminants
  • Addition of cooling agents possible to separate difficult composites
  • Batch operation as well as continuous feeding possible
  • Many adjustment possibilities for a perfect result, e.g. rotation speed, operation time and size of discharge opening
  • Energy-efficient drive
  • Constant development (last revision in 2015)
  • Wealth of experience in the disintegration of all kinds of materials
  • Worldwide references

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