Hammer Cutter FRH

High throughput even for demanding applications

The FRH is a horizontally fed and high-speed rotating shredder mainly used to process refuse-derived fuels, municipal solid waste, industrial waste, and pre-shredded wood used as biomass. The material is usually fed via conveyor to a vibrating table that spreads it evenly to the cutting unit.  The cutting unit consists of specially arranged swinging hammers.

The machine is often combined with a Universal Shredder FRX to pre-shred the material and to remove large contaminants that are difficult to handle before further processing.

ANDRITZ Hammercutter FRH



  • Refuse derive fuels (RDF)
  • Municipal solid waste (MSW)
  • Industrial waste
  • Wood waste
  • Biomass

Advanced key features

The FRH is capable of shredding input material with a size of 300-500 mm down to a certain particle size in the most efficient way. The advanced horizontal feeding system is equipped with feed rollers that flatten and push the input material uniformly into the cutting unit. Due to the rapid rotation and the massive weight of the rotor and hammers, maximum forces are applied on the material, which results in very high throughput at relatively low energy consumption.

The special design of the cutting unit with four rows of high- and low-mounted hammers arranged in an X pattern, and the different screen sizes allow for a great level of flexibility regarding the output material. Its resistance against potential contaminants in the input material makes the FRH versatile in application. 

ANDRITZ Hammercutter FRH: Safe and easy maintenance

The FRH: Smooth and efficient feeding

The FRH is equipped with a very effective horizontal feeding system, which makes the machine more efficient. This advanced feeding system consists of feed rollers, which flatten and push the input material into the cutting unit.

Due to the rapid rotation and the massive weight of the cutting unit, maximum forcecs are put on the material. As a result of this, the FRH machine is able to achieve excessively high throughput at a relatively low energy consumption.

Benefits: ANDRITZ Hammercutter FRH

  • One-step processing down to 10 mm particle size
  • Powerful shredding of a wide range of input materials
  • Innovative cutting system with large surface area
  • No complex sealing system required
  • Hydraulic pusher keeps materials

Universal Shredder FRX

The continuous cutting system of the FRX shredder uniformly cuts down even the bulkiest materials.

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Substitute fuels and metal cleaning

Non-recyclable residual fractions often have a high calorific value making them suitable as a fuel source.

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