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Screen bowl decanter centrifuge AS

Continuous solid/liquid separation

Screen bowl decanters discharge crystalline solids over the conical section. These are transported along a cylindrical screen section, where the solids are further dewatered - combining the sedimentation and filtration stages in one machine. Where advantageous, the solids can be washed on the screen.

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Acting as two machines in one, the screen bowl decanter centrifuge AS combines the clarifying benefits of the solid bowl centrifuge and adds a final dewatering screen section to produce maximum dryness. It is best suited for crystalline or granular solids with free-draining characteristics and unit capacities of up to 100 t/h dry solids.

For some materials, in-situ washing efficiency can meet or exceed the washing capability of pusher type centrifuges.

Screen bowl centrifuges are available with bowl diameters ranging in size from 18 inches to 54 inches (450 to 1,370 millimeters), with handling capacities from one hundred pounds (45 kilograms) per hour to well over 56 tons (50 metric tons) per hour of dry solids.

Major applications

Chemicals, Mining & Minerals

Bisphenol-A, Caustic soda, Coal fines, Coal flotation concentrate, Bimethylterepthalate, Lysine, Paraxylene, Polyvinylchloride, Potash, Sodium carbonate, Monohydrate, Sodium chloride

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