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Screen scroll centrifuge AH

Continuous solid/liquid separation

The screen scroll centrifuges AH are horizontal scroll/screen driers. Material to be dewatered is fed to the small end of a revolving, cone-shaped screen basket. Solids retained on the screen are transported out of the basket due to the angle of inclination and the wiping action of a scroll rotating at a differential speed.


Screen Scroll Centrifuge AH


Screen scroll centrifuge AH open

With this wiping action, there is no substantial off-center movement as a result of uneven distribution of the material in the basket. An exactly predetermined bed of feed material can be left on the screen to act as filter medium in order to enhance recovery and extend screen life because of the horizontal design of the centrifuge.


  • Extremely high solids recovery
  • Dewaters to less than 3% surface moisture with 93% plus recovery
  • Low maintenance
  • Low installation cost
  • High capacity
  • Profile wire, cut plate, or tungsten carbide screen basket equals longer lifetime with less wear
  • Low final surface moisture

Main applications

Mining & Minerals, Chemicals, Food

Coarse coal, fine coal, ammonium sulfate, coffee grounds, crystal salt, gilsonite, DMT (methanol), Glauber salt, nylon chips, phosphate, plastic granules, polystyrene, potash, sands, sodium chloride, sugar, organic and inorganic fibers

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