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Screen scroll centrifuge AH

You are facing highly fluctuating feed conditions or sticky products? The screen scroll centrifuge may be the ideal solution for you as it is robust and reliable towards difficult feed conditions and simple in operation.

The screen scroll centrifuge is a continuous filtration centrifuge for solid liquid separation. With hundreds of installed units and over fifty years of experience it is designed to perform reliable and efficient, even under difficult process conditions when feed flow and quality is fluctuating strongly. 


Screen Scroll Centrifuge AH

Our process engineers will select a design which precisely meets to your specific process requirements

The unique XL-Plus feed system avoids particle breakage during feeding

  • Slurry is smoothly accelerated up to rotating speed by the unique XL-Plus feed system
  • Solids recovery of up to 98% can be achieved as particle breakage in the feed zone is avoided

Operational convenience

  • Self cleaning: On feed interruption the machine cleans out itself due to the integrated scroll
  • The machine is very robust to imbalances even upon strongly fluctuating feed conditions

In-depth process know-how and lab testing facilities

  • With experience in hundrerds of different applications our process engineers know in detail what is happening inside our centrifuge and what is to be expected in your installation
  • In our state of the art lab we can offer you a broad range of tests, from small scale feasibility studies to full scale equipment tests everything is possible

Typical process data

Average particle size:100 - 10,000 um
Feed solids concentration:  Up to 80 wt%
Solids throughput:Up to 150 t/h
Basked diameter:400 - 1,000 mm
Solids recovery:Up to 98wt%

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