Aqua-Screen water treatment equipment
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Aqua-ScreenTM water treatment equipment

In-channel perforated panel traveling belt screen

The ANDRITZ Aqua-ScreenTM​​​​​​​ water treatment equipment ensures maximum online availability with minimum maintenance and customized fit requirements in many solids/liquid separation processes. Used in diverse industry sectors such as municipal sewage treatment, combined sewer (CSO) industrial wastewater, pulp and paper, food processing, chemical processing, and raw water intake.

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Aqua-ScreenTM​​​​​​​ water treatment equipment

Advantages offered by ANDRITZ Aqua-Screen™ water treatment equipment

  • 40-52% open area provides higher throughput/lower head loss than similar slot type screens
  • Round screen hole captures solids in two dimensions for higher efficiency
  • Simple installation
  • No submerged bearings, sprockets or lower revolving guides that require maintenance and lubrication
  • Self-cleaning via rotary brush and spray wash
  • All routine maintenance can be conducted at operating floor level
  • Deep horizontal shelf surface captures large debris
  • Heavy-duty roller chain
  • Cleaning brush on dedicated drive
  • Customized to fit existing channel
  • Can be installed at 60°, 75°, or 85°
  • Channel widths from 18 inches to > 9 feet
  • Channel depths up to > 40 feet




  • Municipal influent, combined sewer (CSO), industrial wastewater, pulp and paper, food processing, raw water intake

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