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Belt presses for mechanical dewatering

The PowerPress is a robust and efficient, but nonetheless reasonably priced dewatering unit for a large number of sludge. Its long filtration zones and high pressures ensure optimum dryness levels, and the reduced polymer consumption and ease of maintenance induce significant cost savings


PowerPress, a solution for every need: largest range of belt press (from 1 to 3m), with the largest capacity and dimensions of the market


PowerDrain and PowerPress, a combined, modular system for thickening and dewatering

PowerPress is the best compromise (price vs performance ratio) for dewatering. With the largest range of belt press (from 1 to 3m) and largest capacity and dimensions of the market, the PowerPress is the dewatering solution for every need.

Main benefits

  • Low energy consumption, reduced polymer consumption and ease of maintenance for  significant cost savings
  • Long filtration zones and high pressures ensure optimum capacity and dryness levels
  • Robust and efficient (full construction in stainless steel for ease of installation and long life time).
  • Fully automatic belt tracking device for each belt to extend their life time by prevent it to run off center
  • Belt tensioning and tracking via air cylinders
  • Can be combined with gravity table (PowerDrain) to reduce footprint
  • Flexible operation (variable-speed drive)
  • Automatic cleaning brush in standard
  • The large open area, special feeder, adjustable ploughs, and low-pressure dewatering section (perforated drums with approx. 70% open area) optimize the drainage effect and belt filter capacity
  • Low supervision and maintenance (easy access for maintenance and cleaning)
  • Filtrate trays separated and filtrate recovered separately (possibility to reuse filtrate from thickening zone as washing water)

Belt tracking and regulation system

A swiveling regulating roll is provided for each filter belt in order to prevent the belt from running off the center. The regulating rolls are swiveled automatically by a pneumatically operated regulating device. This device is separate for each belt and consists of:

  • One belt tracking device which controls the swiveling movement of the regulating rolls via two air-spring bellows.
  • One automatic control unit which regulates the amount of air in the air spring bellows.
  • One feeler plate which transmits the position of the edge of the filter belt to the relevant automatic control unit.

Belt tensioning system

Both filter belts are tensioned separately by one belt tensioning roll with pneumatic cylinders. The bearing housings of the tensioning rolls are moved horizontally on slide rods mounted on the machine frame. The pneumatic cylinders are controlled by pneumatic box mounted on machine and by MCC.





  • Municipal and industrial sludge
  • High efficiency on specific application: pulp & paper, manure, biogas, slaughterhouse and chemical sludge
  • Thickening and dewatering in one stage (thanks to efficient thickening zone or combined with GBT)


PowerPress G

  • The economical solution for sludge dewatering in small sewage treatment plants.
  • Combines ideally with PowerDrain Mini
  • Available belt width: 1m
  • Throughput : 150 kg DS/h/m

PowerPress E

  • Sludge dewatering in small to medium-sized sewage treatment plant.
  • Combines ideally with PowerDrain Mini/M or L
  • Available belt widths: 1-3m
  • Throughput : 200 to 400 kg DS/h/m

PowerPress S

  • The best technical solution for large municipal and industrial sewage treatment plants.
  • Combines ideally with PowerDrain L or XL
  • Available belt widths: 1-3m
  • Throughput : 250 to 500 kg DS/h/m

Where does the PowerPress fit into your process?


PowerDrain gravity belt thickener

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