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ANDRITZ flocculant plants FP

Flocculant and depressant plant

ANDRITZ supplies powder and liquid flocculant plants and depressant plant make-up systems, ranging from small capacity plants to large bulk capacity plants.

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Flocculant systems - flocculant plants fp

Product range

Powder flocculant plants range from 0.3 kg/hr to 30 kg/hr plant capacity. 
Liquid flocculant plants range from 2.5 kg/hr to 20 kg/hr plant capacity.

Design features

  • Pre-engineered units
  • Flexible make-up parameters
  • Low maintenance
  • Semi and fully automatic make-up
  • Skid-mounted units

Design benefits

  • Maximum efficiency and minimum flocculant product breakdown
  • No excessive energy or shearing during flocculant make-up
  • Easy-to-change configuration and set-up parameters
  • Interlock protection for all critical components
  • Option of skid-mounted plants
  • Cost effective
  • Simple and robust



Mining & Minerals

  • Copper/cobalt
  • Gold
  • Uranium
  • Coal
  • Lead
  • Zinc
  • Chrome
  • Titanium sands
  • Iron ore
  • Potash
  • Industrial effluent
  • Nickel

Ancillary equipment

Flocculant plants can be supplied with the following ancillary equipment:

  • De-dusting filters
  • De-humidifiers
  • Fluidizing pads
  • Rotary or screw feeders
  • Blowers
  • PLCs

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