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Sand control screens for the oil & gas industry

A huge variety of sand control screens for the oil and gas production

ANDRITZ Euroslot is a well-known partner of the oil & gas industry for over 15 years. Regarding upstream components, ANDRITZ delivers reliable sand control screens in various designs.

Premium screens

A heavy-duty construction made of multi-layer, sintered mesh is combined with a wedge wire V-shape drainage layer and outer protective shroud for high flow and filtration performance.

Premium is the most advanced combination of ANDRITZ EUROSLOT’s know-how with wedge wire drainage and sintered mesh filtration, achieving the highest flow and filtration performance

Applications: Cased hole; open hole, gravel pack or stand-alone screen completion; fracturing completion.

Premium sand control screen

Prepack screens

A double layer of high performance V-shape wedge wire screens have an inner layer of resin-coated sand gravel. Prepack screens are the perfect equipment for stand-alone completions in boreholes requiring very high levels of filtration.

Prepack offers very high sand retention efficiency and a heavy-duty construction

Applications: Cased hole and open hole; standalone screen completion or high-pressure gravel pack; workover relining jobs on sand productive boreholes;

Prepack sand control screen

Wire wrap screens

The perfect combination of self-cleaning, V-shape wedge wire screen jacket and strong, perforated base pipe provide a cost-effective solution for high-accuracy sand control applications.

Wire Wrap is the most cost effective filtration solution in our range of screens, bringing a combination of high weld wire mechanical resistance and the possibility to select a very accurate slot opening.

Applications: Vertical, deviated or horizontal wells and cased holes; stand-alone or gravel pack screen completion.

Wire wrap sand control screen