Combined/multi-stage flue gas cleaning systems
Multi-stage FGC plant, Mainz, Germany
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Combined/multi-stage flue gas cleaning systems

Our complete product portfolio allows us to comply with the most difficult requirements through the intelligent combination of our processes and technologies.

Current legislation regarding waste disposal and emissions levels require state-of-the-art flue gas cleaning systems. Selective pollutant removal is required, which not only aims to achieve minimum emissions in tandem with low operating costs, but also enables the recovery of recyclable by-products and a linked reduction in the volume of highly pollutant residues.

Multi-stage FGC plant, Mainz, Germany

Combined multi-stage- FGC plant, Lauta, Germany

ANDRITZ Air Pollution Control is the perfect partner for tailored solutions meeting both environmental and procedural requirements. We accompany our clients through the whole investment process, beginning with project development through plant commissioning, and then service support for the life of the system.

Our flue gas cleaning systems are designed in modules.


This helps us to configure and combine technologies from our extensive portfolio of flue gas cleaning systems:

  • Dry flue gas cleaning
  • DeNOx/SCR system
  • Multi-stage wet scrubbing
  • Spray absorption
  • De-dusting
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