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ToP-Line - ANDRITZ Kaiser reinvents the mechanical press

ANDRITZ drives innovations continuously and thus, a decision was taken at the end of 2018, to build a new mechanical press. 

The key aspect of this new development is a combination of tryout and production - in one machine only! To indicate this combination, the new press was named "ToP-Line". 

ToP-Line highlights:

  • Biometric structure of the press body
  • Sustainability and environmental protection
  • Use of additive manufacturing
  • Highly dynamic servo-drive in combination with switchable planet
  • Easy access to die area, due to air hub
  • Magnetic tool clamping system
  • New "Look & Feel" control concept

Technical Data

Pressing force


Table dimensions

2000 x 1000 mm

Lifting height

20-160 mm

Clearance stroke

165 mm

Number of strokes

1-80/min (stage 1)

1-240/min (stage 2)

Slide adjustment125 mm
Tool installation height

500 mm 

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