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Dry sorbent injection (DSI)

In the DSI system, calcium or sodium-based alkaline sorbents are injected into the flue gas to remove acid gases (SO₂,SO₃/H₂SO₄, HCl), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and metals (Hg, …). Injection of the sorbent is simple and takes place between the air heater and the PM control equipment.

The dry sorbent injection system from ANDRITZ is well proven, cost effective, and suitable for various fuels as well as industrial and power generation applications. The DSI system has been optimized continuously in close collaboration with sorbent producers.

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The key features of the ANDRITZ dry sorbent injection system are:

  • Optimized reduction of acid gases,
  • Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and metals
  • Low capital and operating costs (low energy consumption)
  • Simple and robust design
  • Can be adapted to small or large flue gas volumetric flows
  • No discharge to wastewater flows
  • Collaboration with sorbent suppliers to select the most reactive sorbent for the given flue gas composition and the level of pollutants to be reduced
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