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PrimeFilter D

Technically superior performance with less maintenance

ANDRITZ has successfully launched the new PrimeFilter D as cutting-edge technology in thickening and fiber recovery. The new disc filter is perfectly suited for all system applications with many different pulp types and leads the way for upgraded performance and reliability in fiber processing.

New ANDRITZ PrimeFilter D disc filter


PrimeFilter D with partly opened housing


Upgraded performance and lower maintenance

The PrimeFilter D builds on ANDRITZ disc filter technology, that has been proven over decades, and brings together several key technological innovations into one unit to improve throughput and reduce both investment and operating costs:

  • HHw technology for advanced feeding and optimum flow conditions within the filter. Thus, the PrimeFilter D can handle higher feed consistencies and higher freeness pulp even in most demanding applications.
  • CC bagless sectors offering significant improvements in terms of operation thanks to very homogenous fiber mat build-up as well as fast mat knock-off. The special construction of the sectors eliminates the need of a filter bag and reduces maintenance to almost zero.
  • Two-level shaft sealing. The innovative double sealing arrangement is easily accessible and ensures higher reliability at superior filtrate quality.

Wider space between discs and outlet chutes


ANDRITZ CC bagless sectors


Major advantages of the PrimeFilter D

Superior throughput – production increase per disc area of up to 20%

  • HHw technology enables dewatering at high consistency and freeness
  • Inlet consistency up to 2% possible

Superior operation

  • Optimum creation and knock-off of fiber mat
  • Less vat thickening
  • Wide filter speed operation range possible

Less energy, less water needed

  • Up to 30% less pumping energy needed
  • Less (water in the) suspension and water recirculation

Improved maintenance

  • Bagless sectors
  • Advanced disc assembly and disc guiding system

PrimeFilter D – summary of benefits


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  • PrimeFilter D

    Technically superior performance with less maintenance

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