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ANDRITZ converting solutions for food industry

Food pads for high-quality hygiene



  • Different pad sizes and colours suitable for different trays and applications
  • Different absorption capacity
  • Different films and layers available
  • Reduced thickness of the pads thanks to high compressing equipment
  • Possibility to work with airlaid film or with fluff core as absorption elements, included in two different layers either as top sheet (in contact with the food) and as back sheet (in contact with the tray)
  • Possibility to produce a wide variety of pads from 50 mm up to 300 mm as width and from 75 mm up to 700 mm as length with single or double lanes. Other sizes are available on request.
  • Possibility to add active substances (particles/fibers) to Air Laid or inside Fluff 
  • Core in order to: Maximize absorption without drying out the product within the pad (pads absorb from the bottom and are waterproof on the top side). Create a controlled atmosphere around the food hindering and retarding mould and bacteria growth while also improving shelf life of perishable products.


  • Two different packaging solutions available. Pads can be:
  • Cut and put in a stack (bag or box)
  • Pre-cut (or not) and put in a reel

up to 150 m/min

line speed 

up to 1200 pcs/min for each lane

production speed 

w: 50 ÷ 300 mm l: 75 ÷ 700 mm (different sizes on request)

product dimensions

efficiency > 95% | waste < 1%



High quality end products made by ANDRITZ Diatec food hygiene solutions


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