ProDyn system to optimize weight profile and save fiber

Comprehensive self-regulating control system applicable to all ANDRITZ Nonwoven lines with card and crosslapper.

The ProDyn technology creates constant interaction between the Dynamic card and the Dynamic crosslapper. It includes a scanning gauge and closed loop self-regulating.

The gauge at the end of the line monitors the fabric weight evenness in both cross and machine directions (CD & MD). Working in automatic mode, the ProDyn system pro-actively generates the fiber distribution at the delivery of the crosslapper by anticipating the batt deformation generated by the subsequent bonding process.

Fully automatic closed loop control

Accordingly, the Dynamic crosslapper lays down a heavier or lighter card web in a consistent manner, maintaining a loose fiber tension.


  • optimizes the weight profile
  • increases the final batt evenness
  • generates fiber savings by reducing the average fabric weight and edges
spl-ProDyn 2-eXcelle Xlappers

Perfect web profile

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