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Disc filter services

ANDRITZ offers disc filter services and upgrade solutions for all disc filters regardless of the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).

Experience of more than 30 years in disc filter design and manufacturing and the combined expertise of engineers from ANDRITZ, Ahlstrom, Impco, and Hedemora give ANDRITZ a definite advantage when upgrading your disc filter – regardless of the original manufacturer.

Disc filter upgrades

  • ANDRITZ TwinWave sector: Large open filter area and high drainage capacity result in high pulp mat dryness and greater production capacity. Maintenance-free since there are no filter bags.
  • ANDRITZ TrunkNozzle filtrate valve: Increases dewatering capacity up to 30% and improves dryness up to 30% due to longer vacuum time and improved efficiency of subsequent units. Return on investment in one year or less.
  • ANDRITZ centershaft exchange: Higher throughput combined with minimum flow losses.

Disc filter services

Mobile disc filter bag exchange

The old way of exchanging disc filter bags by shipping segments back to a supplier is time-consuming, slow, and expensive. ANDRITZ developed a new solution – the mobile disc filter bag exchange which comes right into the mill. When UPM Augsburg was faced with the major task of exchanging the filter bags of five disc filters all at once, ANDRITZ’s new solution was needed. Read more.

ANDRITZ trunk nozzle filtrate valve

Disc filters equipped with conventional filtrate valves are limited in dewatering capacity due to their low suction power production capacity.
The new ANDRITZ technology with the airlock system sets all filtrate fractions under vacuum. This provides a better formation of fibers, a thicker fiber mat and a better filtrate quality. In addition – because of the extended vacuum time – a higher mat dryness can be reached. Penetration of air into the vacuum part is prohibited and the inside filtrate channels of the valve are fluid stream optimized so that turbulences and fluid losses are eliminated.

ANDRITZ disc filter improvement survey

ANDRITZ specialists identify areas for process and product improvement (capacity and/or filtrate quality) and make recommendations to achieve the best results.

Disc filter replacement parts

The ANDRITZ SuperFlow sector can be installed with the following disc filter manufacturers’ equipment: GL&V, Voith, Kvaerner, Ahlstrom, and ANDRITZ.

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