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A-Recovery+ chemical recovery concept for methanol purification in kraft mills

Purifying raw methanol to commercial-quality bio-methanol

ANDRITZ's innovation called A-Recovery+ shines a new light on the chemical cycle in a kraft mill. It offers tailored solutions to optimize the chemical balances in the mill and the ability to generate additional revenue and/or avoid the purchase of costly make-up chemicals.

Today, for example, raw methanol originating from the kraft cooking process is often used as a support fuel – typically combusted in the recovery boiler or lime kiln. Methanol is usually the last fossil-based chemical in a kraft mill, preventing the establishment of a completely fossil-free mill.

The A-Recovery+ chemical recovery concept for methanol purification uses a patented, mineral oil-based extraction process. Purified methanol can be used as a low-NOx fuel for combustion in the recovery boiler or lime kiln, or as a support fuel in the sulfuric acid plant. Commercial-grade bio-methanol can also be sold for revenue or used in ClO2 generation if performed on-site. 


A-Recovery+ methanol purification


Methanol purification plant (3-D rendering)


Benefits of A-Recovery+ methanol purification

  • Environmental and economic savings
  • Avoids cost of purchased fuels
  • Additional opportunities for revenue generation with bio-methanol
  • Removes obstacles to fossil-free operation

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