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ANDRITZ Universal Shredder FRP

One-step processing down to small particle sizes

The Universal Shredder FRP is a powerful single-shaft shredder and shreds the material with only one step to the required size. With integrated screens from 10-150 mm the output quality and the throughput can be customized. The robust machine is powerful, energy-efficient, reliable and maintenance-friendly.

A multi-talent at work: see the Universal Shredder FRP in action

ANDRITZ Universal Shredder FRP

Benefits of the Universal Shredder FRP

  • One-step processing down to 10 mm
  • Innovative cutting system: Bigger cutting surface area
  • Innovative pusher technology: No ejected material
  • Maintenance-friendly: Easy change of screen and knives
  • High availability, less downtime because of fast knife change
  • Easy access to all important parts of the shredder
  • Low electrical consumption
  • Low dust and noise level
  • No rotor cooling necessary
  • Safety clutch
  • Solid construction: Fewer weldings, more resistance
  • Pre-set programs to suit different types of material
  • Low shredding cost per ton of material
  • Easy integration of the shredder in an existing plant

The FRP: maximum flexibility

Produces a fraction size between 10-150 mm

The FRP Series is a real multi-talent at work. The single-shaft shredder shreds household-/industrial waste, rejects, plastics, textiles, aluminum, cardboard and paper. With choosing the right screen with a specific hole diameter any processed material will have exactly the purity and the throughput it should have.

Output: household / industrial waste

Output material: wood and pallets

Output material: pulper rejects

Output material: textile


Hilmer Andersson: Shredding waste into profit

In modern mill and wood processing plants, adding value all along the production chain has become a “must have”. ANDRITZ Universal Shredders provide a vital link in the chain by solving waste wood problems at the same time as turning them into valuable, sellable products.

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