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Universal Bio-QZ: Optimum substrate treatment

The Bio-QZ is used in hundreds of European biogas facilities for processing many different input materials.

Flexible tools inside the machine produce a homogeneous substrate that lead to faster gas formation, shorter fermentation time, and higher gas yield overall in the fermenter. The new Bio-QZ generation is now available in a modern, compact, and, at the same time, stable design in sizes 900 mm, 1200 mm, and 1600 mm. The main focus was to improve ease of maintenance.

New design of the Bio-QZ

Package food / bio waste after Bio-QZ treatment


  • Organic waste
  • Corn/grass silage, grass clippings
  • Horse, cow, and poultry manure
  • Slaughterhouse waste
  • Packaged food
  • Sugar beets

Benefits of the Universal Bio-QZ

  • Large maintenance port
  • Swivel-mounted discharge cover
  • Compact design
  • Easy wear plate change
  • Optimized outlet and curved gate to prevent blockages
  • New, improved seal
  • Compact bearing unit
  • Different accelerating and shredding tools for different materials
  • Further upgrades possible for longer service life

Complete Bio-QZ systems

ANDRITZ MeWa offers the complete process chain, from supply of the input material, to its disintegration, to feeding it to the fermenter. The individual process stages can be controlled through a common interface or included in the plant’s overall electronic control system. Existing biogas plants can also be upgraded easily with a Bio-QZ for more efficient use of gas potential.

Process advantages

  • High throughputs
  • Wide range of different materials
  • Much shorter dwell time in the fermenter
  • Higher gas yield due to faster gas formation
  • Packaging removed from organic material
  • More stable processes, stirring times halved
  • Homogeneous substrate suitable for pumping
  • Scum layers dissolve more quickly
  • Insensitive to metal parts and stones
  • Low wear due to operating principle without knives
  • Benefits for co-fermenters and renewable energy plants
  • Use of all proven dry and liquid feed systems
  • Easy to install in existing plants
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