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Universal Rotary Shear UC: Without compromises

When volume needs to be reduced, waste to be prepared for incineration or material to be shredded for subsequent treatment, the Universal Rotary Shear UC forms the basis for a successful recycling process.

Whether you have bulky material, tires, textiles or massive metal parts – the Universal Rotary Shear UC shreds the material in a powerful, precise and reliable way. For the various applications and material types there are suitable machine sizes with different knife types available. In the secondary recycling step the material can be processed optimally, e.g. with the Universal Granulator UG.

Universal Rotary Shear UC: Slow-running twin-shaft shredder

Universal Rotary Shear UC: Pre-shredding without compromise

Operational principle

All Rotary Shears UC have a slow and quiet running twin-shaft cutting unit. The pull-in teeth of the counter-rotating knife discs catch the material to be disintegrated and tear it in. The knives cut the material in strip-shaped pieces. The width of the knives and the number of the pull-in teeth determine thereby the size of the shredded material. Stationary scrapers between the rotating knives keep the cutting unit free from material.


  • Domestic, industrial and bulky waste
  • Tires (cars, trucks, construction machines)
  • Aluminum profiles, aluminum waste
  • Steel and plastic barrels  
  • Contraries, textiles, carpets, floor covers
  • Film, papers
  • Shredder-light-fraction
  • Automobile parts, e.g. oil filters, motor blocks, catalytic converters
  • Mattresses
  • Cable scrap

Output fraction after treatment with the Universal Rotary Shear UC

Benefits of the Universal Rotary Shear UC

  • Versatile application possibilities
  • Strong and robust, constructed especially for difficult materials
  • Reliable and effective shredding
  • Automatic and selective contraries detection
  • Reversion: Protection of the machine, rotor and knives
  • Pusher for increased throughput
  • Cutting unit with polygonal rotor shafts for a higher cutting performance
  • Divided cutting unit housing for a faster rotor shaft change
  • Ideal power and torque transmission
  • Special knife-changing-system with different knife sizes: Individual knives can be resharpened and reinserted
  • Precisely worked cutting knives for exact cutting
  • Above-average life-time
  • High throughput volume and homogeneity of the output materials
  • Constant development (last revision in 2015)
  • Wealth of experience in the shredding of all kinds of materials
  • Worldwide references

ANDRITZ tire recycling plants

See a pulp and paper rejects recycling plant in action!

ANDRITZ plants for the production of Refuse Derived Fuels (RDF)

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