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ANDRITZ hyperbaric disc filter HBF

High-efficiency filtration

The ANDRITZ hyperbaric disc filter is the right choice inside one unit for continuous filtration, highest solids throughputs, lowest residual moisture, and clear filtrate – and all of that with minimized footprint.

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ANDRITZ hyperbaric disc filter HBF

Continuous filtration within the pressure vessel ensures continuous feed and power consumption. This eliminates all the surge capacity equipment required in similar batch-type filtration systems. Hyperbaric filtration has been proven in a large number of plants operating worldwide (Europe, China, Brazil, Russia, USA, Australia, South Africa, India, and Chile). Calculations taking account of the capital and operating costs prove the ANDRITZ hyperbaric disc filter HBF to be a superior solution for mining applications in combination with high throughputs.

Best in total costs of ownership

Up to 50% better in total cost of ownership thanks to

  • lower filter cloth consumption
  • fully automated and continuous operation
  • highest specific throughput
  • small footprint

Hyperbaric disc filter for dewatering of finest-grain suspensions


  • Up to 50% reduced total cost of ownership
  • Highest throughputs
  • Lowest possible residual moistures because of high pressure difference
  • Reduction or virtual elimination of drying costs
  • Clear filtrate
  • Low operation costs
  • Fully automatic operation and easy plant monitoring
  • Closed system
  • Reliable operation even for fine particle size



Mining & Minerals

  • Fine coal
  • Iron ore
  • Copper flotation concentrate
  • Bauxite
  • Red mud
  • Ore tailings
  • Other minerals​​​​​​​

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