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CentriTune centrifuge control system

Decades of experience in one box

You are already benefitting from leading separation equipment by choosing an ANDRITZ SEPARATION machine for your process. As we are proud to fulfil your requirements and want to support you further with more services and technologies, we have developed CentriTune, a unique automation product line.


CentriTune centrifuge control system, a modular, PLC-based control system that supports you in making best use of your ANDRITZ equipment.

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User-friendly and intuitive touch screen

All our extensive operation, troubleshooting, and start-up experience are now combined in a tailored automation solution. The nucleus of the CentriTune centrifuge control system is a modular, PLC-based control system that supports you in making best use of your ANDRITZ equipment.

The basic module, which is the CentriTune Core, can interact in different operating modes, bringing undeniable advantages to your process:

  • Relative speed control allowing the operator to enter the speed set points directly. If the feed product concentration is stable, this is the preferred and most efficient control mode.
  • Torque control mode for constant dryness at cake discharge. The speed set point for the drives is calculated accordingly via a sophisticated control algorithm. In this mode, the machine reacts automatically to any change in the feed concentration and ensures constant product quality on the output side, thus stabilizing operation throughout a vast operating window.
  • Cleaning sequences preconfigured for best use and flexible to adapt to your plant and your product
  • Maintenance and manual operation mode
  • Alarms and support in troubleshooting

Customer benefits

  • Easy integration into existing or new dewatering lines/plants, ensuring a short start-up time thanks to full factory pre-testing
  • High availability and good performance in operation thanks to well proven and verified control package for all centrifuge-related functionalities
  • Avoiding downtime due to preventive maintenance alarms — peace of mind thanks to machine automation
  • Centuries of centrifuge and process experience packed into an intuitive machine interface
  • Easy to adapt for future plant expansion due to modular PLC system design with long-term spare parts availability
  • Can be installed as an upgrade for existing decanters, whether these are ANDRITZ machines or not
  • Easy regional adaptation by preinstalled language selection
  • Shortened fault tracing by using alarm listing as well as historical alarm memory
  • Seamless combination with machine safety equipment just like the CentriTune SRS

The CentriTune product range can cover all individual requirements from a small-scale solution only automating the centrifuge up to whole-scale solutions for a total plant.

CentriTune centrifuge control system Core

  • Core centrifuge control functions, including control of bowl and screw drive motor
  • Speed/torque regulation
  • Monitoring of basic centrifuge instrumentation (temperature, vibration, speed)
  • Maintenance alarms

CentriTune centrifuge control system CIP

  • CentriTune Core functions
  • Control of up to eight cleaning valves
  • Free configuration of the cleaning sequence in terms of speed, time, and valve selection
  • No extra programming

CentriTune centrifuge control system Poly. Saving

  • CentriTune Core functions
  • Regulation of feed pumps and polymer dosing
  • Different regulation modes, including flow and concentration measurement

CentriTune centrifuge control system Thickening

  • CentriTune Core functions
  • Regulation of relative speed according to DS measurement at machine outlet
  • Control and regulating of sample loop instruments and actuators

Centritune range

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    CentriTune; a unique automation product line. The nucleus of the CentriTune is a modular, PLC-based control system that supports you in making best use of your ANDRITZ equipment.

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