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High rate thickener HR-THK

ANDRITZ Delkor (Pty) Ltd. utilizes modern engineering technologies

Thickeners are utilized in various solid/liquid separation processes in order to increase the density of a process stream. Feed solids concentration is the single most important variable affecting the sedimentation properties of given slurry.

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High-rate thickener

ANDRITZ process engineering will determine the optimum percentage of feed solids for the specific application during laboratory or pilot plant test work. The optimum percentage of feed solids will ensure proper flocculation and achievement of maximum fluxes (t/m2/d).

Advantages offered by ANDRITZ thickeners

  • Consistent underflow quality
  • Auto-dilution systems
  • Unique “flat”, counter-current circuit design
  • Maximum soluble recovery
  • High inter-stage mixing efficiencies
  • Automatic rake lifting mechanisms
  • Torque capabilities up to 5000 kNm
  • Computational flow dynamics
  • Finite element analysis
  • Dynamic earthquake evaluations
  • 3D parametric modeling

Properties of ANDRITZ drive heads

  • Hydraulic or electric drives
  • Three levels of protection against overloading
  • Fully automated, including automatic load sensing for consistent underflow quality
  • Reversible or variable speed hydraulic units

Advantages of automatic rake lifting mechanism

  • No complicated rotating parts
  • Minimum of moving components
  • Low maintenance
  • Low cost

Main applications


Mining & Minerals

  • Copper/cobalt, nickel, gold, uranium, coal, lead, zinc, iron ore, chrome, titanium sands
  • Potash
  • Industrial effluents
  • Clarifying of underground mud

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