ANDRITZ Ltd. - Delta Service Center

The Delta Service Center is dedicated to supporting new construction and rebuilds of pulp and paper equipment such as continuous digesters, M&D digesters, vacuum washers, twin roll presses, Compaction Baffle FiltersTM, thick stock pumps, and recausticizing filters.


Company Profile

ANDRITZ 74,000 sq. ft. facility offers the following capabilities:

8 Overhead cranesUp to 70 tons capacity
Small – medium lathes5 ½" Ø to 18” Ø swing by 12’ long
Large lathes47" to 168" Ø by 50’ long
Vertical boring mill48" to 218" Ø by 13’ under the bridge
62.5" x 30" & 2 with 4" spindles
Horizontal moring mill5, 2 with 5” spindles & 3 with 4” spindles
63" x 70.9" full rotary table & 33,000lbs capacity unit
Floor mill6" spindle with 40’ horizontal by 124” vertical travel, c/w 25 ton rotary table
Cylindrical grinding3 to 20” Ø by 120” long
CNC horizontal boring mill118” x-axis; 78” y-axis; 63” z-axis
CNC vertical machining centre60” x-axis; 30” y-axis; 30” z-axis
Dynamic balancingUp to 122” Ø by 480” long at an 80 ton capacity
SMAW, FCAW, GMAW, GTAW processes 
Davi plate rolls5/8” x 98” wide
Plasma seam welding13’ long
Sub arc overlay 
Plasma transferred arc hardfacing 


  • SKF Preferred Service Partner – Pulp and Paper
  • National Board “R” Certificate of Authorization
  • ASME “S” and “U” Certificates of Authorization

Product lines

Digester systems

  • Repair, rebuild, or supply new fiberline equipment including:
    • Chip meters
    • Low and high pressure feeders
    • Conveyor screws
    • Top separators
    • Outlet devices
  • Repair and rebuild customer equipment including:
    • ANDRITZ Sprout-Bauer rotary valves
    • Esco valves
    • ANDRITZ Sprout-Bauer rotary valves
    • Esco valves

Thick stock pumps (TSP) and new spare parts

  • Repair customer equipment or supply new and rebuilt exchange/replacement TSPs including:
    • Impco™ pump*) (300,400,500,600,800)
    • Clove-Rotor® pump *) (600,1200,1200HC,1400,1800)
    • Warren TSP (11,125,135,138,160)
    • Kamyr TSP (K4, K5, K55, K6)
    • Sunds TSP (PTC45, PTC60)
  • New cast and fabricated or one piece forged Impco™ rotor options
  • New cast and fabricated Clove-Rotor® pump main rotors
  • 100% CNC machining and finish milling of the rotors
  • Dynamic rotor balancing to G1.0 specification available
  • PTA welded hard overlay on Clove-Rotor® pump main rotors and warren main screws
  • CNC machining of the warren main screw flanks
  • Housing hard chrome and finish bore grinding
  • New anti-pulsation plates, packing glands, lantern rings, gears etc.
  • New hard overlaid packing sleeves, CNC milled scraper petals, seal strips etc.
  • Critical patterns associated with key TSP cast components are maintained on site at the Delta Service Centre(DSC)
  • These patterns include, but are not limited to, main housings, main rotors, bearing housings, rotor covers, glands.
  • ANDRITZ has developed and implemented numerous design and productivity improvements across all thick stock pumps.

*) Clove-Rotor® pump and Impco™ are trademarks owned by GL&V

Vacuum washers and ancillary equipment

  • ANDRITZ washer drums
  • New, replacement vacuum washer drums of nearly all OEMs
  • Washer drum rebuilds
  • Valve replacements, including the GasFree™ valve
  • Combination doctors
  • Maxton™ rolls
  • Shower bars
  • Stainless steel vats
  • Stainless steel hoods
  • Repulpers and conveyors

ANDRITZ Ltd. - Delta Service Center

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