Pumping solutions that make efficient use of fibers and energy
ANDRITZ pumps for the pulp and paper industry

Pumping solutions that make efficient use of fibers and energy

Integrated pumps concept by ANDRITZ for PM2 at Zellstoff Pöls AG

ANDRITZ was awarded the contract to supply all of the process pumps for the new PM2 kraft paper machine at Zellstoff Pöls AG, Austria. Stock pumps from the new ACP process ​​​​​​​pumps series were installed for this project. The project demonstrated the efficiency of the new ACP process pumps series.

After a record construction period of just over 13 months, the Heinzel Group's PM2 at Zellstoff Pöls AG, Austria, went into operation in November 2013. It is the largest and most advanced kraft paper machine in Europe. ANDRITZ had received the order to supply a PrimeLine plant for production of specialty papers. The scope of supply included the stock preparation plant, an approach flow system, the complete Fourdrinier paper machine, a high-precision drying cylinder, and the automation systems. ANDRITZ also supplied all of the process pumps for the new production plant. The 115 million euro investment increased the paper production capacity at the facility to 80,000 tons per year. The very high-quality bleached kraft paper is known under the brand name of ​​​​​​​Starkraft. It was no coincidence that the symbol chosen was a flying rhino – symbolizing both strength and flexibility. The kraft papers market segment is a highly specialized market with the highest quality standards. Integrated production at the Pöls location not only ensures a continuous supply of raw material for the paper machine, but also contributes towards energy-efficient production.

High-performance pulp production and stock preparation

The Zellstoffwerk Pöls pulp mill is currently able to produce 430,000 t/a and is the largest producer of bleached ECF long-fiber sulfate pulp in Central and Southeastern Europe. Every year, two million cubic meters of wood are processed, primarily in CO2-neutral operations. The PM2 has two stock preparation lines. The first of them feeds long-fiber sulfate pulp produced at the mill to the paper machine, while the second stock preparation line supplies short-fiber pulp to the pulp cycle. This guarantees the optimum composition of raw materials for the demanding kraft paper production process.

The entire paper-making equipment is distributed over three levels: The pumps and the two stock preparation lines are installed on level one. The complete paper machine with finishing equipment and control room are on level two. In the side aisle of the paper machine building, the entire air system for the new plant is located on level three.

Pumps delivery program for PM2 in Pöls

ANDRITZ supplied all of the process pumps for the new PM2 kraft paper machine at Zellstoff Pöls AG.  The scope of supplies and services comprises the engineering work and supply of 30 stock pumps from the new ACP process pumps series, six water pumps from the ISO series, two 'S' series stock and water pumps, two high-pressure pumps from the MP series, and two FP series double-suction fan pumps.

Process pumps, ACP series

The maintenance-friendly centrifugal pumps in the newly developed ACP series are exceptionally robust and provide highest efficiency. As it is possible to choose between a semi-open and an open impeller, the optimum design can always be selected for the application in hand; the semi-open impeller can be used for consistencies up to 4% and the open impeller up to a consistency of 6%. In order to ensure maximum useful life, all parts coming into contact with the media were manufactured in duplex stainless steel for the PM2 in Pöls.

Stock and water pumps from the ‘S’ series operating at Zellstoff Pöls AG


Stock and water pumps, S series

The maintenance-friendly centrifugal pumps from the 'S' series have been operating successfully for many years now and feature robustness, wear resistance and highest efficiency. Due to the open impeller design, the pump is suitable for pumping paper stocks up to a consistency of 6%. In order to ensure maximum useful life, all parts coming into contact with the media were manufactured in duplex stainless steel for the PM2 in Pöls. Special materials are available for highly abrasive media. Experience from installing around 50,000 pumps to date was invaluable in choosing the right shaft seals. The main selection criterion was maximum operating reliability, at the same time providing economical use of resources (sealing water). Many applications can be covered by using single-action mechanical seals requiring no sealing water.

ANDRITZ double-suction fan pump operating at Zellstoff Pöls AG


Double-suction fan pumps, FP series

The modern fan pumps in the FP series set new standards in terms of efficiency, flexibility, and design. This double-suction pump series was designed for flow rates up to 20,000 m³/h and heads up to 220 m. The pumps can convey stock suspensions with consistencies of up to 2%. The fan pump supplied has a very high efficiency of 92% and lowest pulsation in order to guarantee perfect sheet formation. The complete equipment made of stainless steel guarantees a longer service life for the casing. If necessary, excellent surface qualities (Ra < 0.8) can be achieved by polishing, creating ideal conditions for use as a headbox and dilution water pump. 

High-pressure pumps in the 'MP' series operating at Zellstoff Pöls AG


High-pressure pumps, MP series

Multi-stage high-pressure pumps are available with horizontal or vertical design and in different material combinations. These pumps can be used at a flow rate of up to 400 m³/h and a head of up to 800 m. The pumps can withstand a housing pressure of up to 100 bar.

Operating reliability and cost-efficiency

In addition to the supply of top-class equipment, professional and appropriate installation of the components guarantees trouble-free start-up and reliable plant operations in the long term. ANDRITZ specialists carried out the ​​​​​​​installation of the PM2 in Pöls, including the required precision alignment of the components, in close cooperation with the future operating personnel. Thus, it was possible to provide intensive training for future equipment operators and in-depth knowledge of the specific technical context.

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